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Fri, May. 28th, 2004, 08:51 pm
nordic_saga: New paths

Ugh, I despise Potions. I will not be taking that class next year, even if Flamel promises to tell the secret of the Philosopher's Stone to the whole class! I'm joking, interesting as immortality would be.

At least I got to explore a litte yesterday, and I'll have the whole weekend-- Monday is History of Magic O.W.L.: boring but easy. Cicero seems to prefer the passageway and hidden study (I'm calling it a study; I've no idea what type of room it technically is) to the common room so I visit him there. He likes sushi.

Also I think I may have found new paths in the study. I think they must be there; where else could Cicero have come from? Mine were the only footsteps in the dust that covered the floor that first time, and there was a lot of dust.

I'm torn between looking for these other passages and looking at the study itself. The books are written in a language I don't understand. I thought it was Old English at first, or Latin, but it isn't. The only other tongue I recognize is Norwegian, and it's not that. And I can't take the books out of the study, I'm afraid they'd crumble to dust when outside the preservation spells. They are very, very old. I think I will try tonight to copy down what I can, and spend tomorrow looking for the new routes.

I think I know where one is definitely. I'll start there tomorrow.

Minda forbids me to go exploring any further tonight unless I'm simply studying the books in room. Paranoid Minda. Not every hidden chamber is a trap, and there is so much that could be hidden!